Lash Uplift treatment! Lashes will be curled and uplifted for up to 6 weeks depending on care. Estimated RRP €55. A great addition to a Lashtint or the Eye Trio combo deal!



Aloe Drinking Gel (Original)                               €29.30    (Top Seller!)

Aloe Berry Nectar Drinking Gel                          €29.30

(All Gels very good for general immunity)

Propolis Hand Cream (Aloe & Bee Propolis)   €21.10    (Top Seller!)

Aloe Heat Lotion (Warming Agents/Aloe)      €17.20

MSM Gel       (Soothing Gel-Muscles/Joints) €26.40  (Top Seller!)



Infinite Hydrating Cleanser cream                      €29.45   (Top Seller!)

Aloe Face Scrub (Gentle) can use around eyes  €18.15    (Top Seller!)

Balancing Toner (Refines & Hydrates)              €24.40

Deep Moisture Cream (w/Pinenut)                    €32.65    (Top Seller!)

Soothing Gel Moisturiser (Dewy Look)              €28.95    (Top Seller!)

R3 Factor Defence Cream (Renews/Restores)    €38.20

Marine Masque (Deep Cleanse/Replenishes)   €18.15

Refining Gel Masque (Balancing Effect)            €26.50     (Top Seller!)

SPF30 Face Cream (Lightweight/Non Greasy)   €16.80   (Top Seller!)


Wax Aftercare Essentials:

Aloe & Lavendar Aftercare Cream                       €8.50   (Top Seller!)

Tigi No Bump Lotion                                           €12.50  (Top Seller!)







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Jacqui’s Beauty Treats – Home Beauty Salon

Beauty Therapist at 53 Grove Park, Lower Rathmines rd, Dublin

Hi, I’m Jacqui, a Senior Beauty Therapist and I worked in large and small beauty salons in Dublin for 10 years consistently, I now have 15 years experience to date.

I qualified in Beauty Therapy from Senior College Dunlaoghaire, Class of 2003 after 2 years of intensive training. Qualified with CIBTAC face and body therapy plus numerous other diplomas and certificates gathered along the way! SCD is renowned as the best Beauty College in Ireland for the past 30 years!! There you will receive an education like no other.

Jacqui’s Beauty Treats is in operation since June 2013 and is still the best price, quality and late opening hours in Dublin!

I offer a wide range of treatments to either Revive, Relax or Glamourise you all under one roof from my Home Beauty Salon in Rathmines.



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