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Professional Massages in Dublin 8 for Female Clients

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Cheap Massages in Rathmines DublinPrices have already been updated due to added Covid costs.

Massage Treatment Details:

Need to unwind and de-stress…? Want to indulge your senses and just forget about the world outside…? I offer a range of massages:

1) SWEDISH FULL BODY MASSAGE: A full body massage from head to toe with beautiful scents of carefully selected essential oils surrounding you, leaving you feeling invigorated and ready for the day ahead/so relaxed you will be ready for a great nights sleep.


2) BACK & LEG MASSAGE: Very good for office workers, due to the strain on the body from sedentary work


3) BACK/INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: Very good for office workers and sufferers of headaches, migraines and sinusitis


4) SWEDISH BACK MASSAGE: A firm Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage will ease out knots and invigorate your mind, with natural Grapeseed oil to nourish and hydrate the skin


5) FACE & SCALP MASSAGE: A face and scalp massage is very good for sinusitis, teeth grinders, and for the relief of headaches/migraines, aswell as being deeply relaxing with the use of hot towels and essential oils


6) FOOT MASSAGE: A thoroughly relaxing aromatic foot soak & massage will relax and revive tired feet.

Massage Treatments Available & Pricelist: (Student Deal applies)

Swedish Full-Body Massage:         €45.00

Back of Body Massage:                  €45.00

Back/Indian Head Massage:           €45.00

Course of 3 (1hr) Massages: €128. Save €7. Must be paid upfront.

Swedish Back Massage: (10% off Student Deal applies)

30 minutes Massage:                     €27.00

45 minutes Massage:                     €35.00

1 hour Massage:                            €45.00


Indian Head Massage (45mins):    €35.00 (Student Deal applies)

Scalp & Face Massage (25mins):   €23.00

Foot Massage (25mins):                €23.00


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