Forever Living Aloe Pricelist:

Due to high Covid-19 rates sadly I will close the salon from Thurs Oct 1st-15th (hopefully no longer!) Look forward to seeing you all back then.


Many Thanks.




Aloe Drinking Gel (Original)                               €29.30    (Top Seller!)

Aloe Berry Nectar Drinking Gel                          €29.30

Aloe Peaches Drinking Gel                                 €29.30

(All Gels very good for general immunity)

Propolis Hand Cream (Aloe & Bee Propolis)   €21.10    (Top Seller!)

Aloe Jelly (Aloe-Hydration/Grazes)                 €17.20

Aloe Moistursing Lotion (Maintains PH)          €17.20

Aloe Heat Lotion (Warming Agents/Aloe)      €17.20

MSM Gel       (Soothing Gel-Muscles/Joints) €26.40  (Top Seller!)

Aloe Deodorant (Stick)(Free from Aluminium)€8.55

Aloe Hand Soap (Gentle Cleansing) (500mls)    €17.65




Infinite Hydrating Cleanser cream                      €29.45   (Top Seller!)

Aloe Face Scrub (Gentle) can use around eyes  €18.15    (Top Seller!)

Smoothing Scrub (w/Bamboo powder)            €20.45

Balancing Toner (Refines & Hydrates)              €24.40

Deep Moisture Cream (w/Pinenut)                    €32.65    (Top Seller!)

Soothing Gel Moisturiser (Dewy Look)              €28.95    (Top Seller!)

R3 Factor Defence Cream (Renews/Restores)    €38.20

Marine Masque (Deep Cleanse/Replenishes)   €18.15

Refining Gel Masque (Balancing Effect)            €26.50     (Top Seller!)

Infinite Firming Serum (Targets Ageing)           €58.35

Awakening Eye Cream (Reduces Puffiness/Circles) €20.45

SPF30 Face Cream (Lightweight/Non Greasy)   €16.80   (Top Seller!)


Wax Aftercare Essentials:

Aloe & Lavendar Aftercare Cream                       €8.50   (Top Seller!)

Tigi No Bump Lotion                                           €12.50  (Top Seller!)







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